Gazes Upwards

by Save the Sharks

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Other Songs BRAVO! This is incredible. Track 1 into track 2 is 9 minutes of bliss. Favorite track: Pure Serendipity.
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(in no particular order)


released April 20, 2016

Written and recorded September 22 - April 16 by Thomas Helliwell

Dedicated to my musical compadres



all rights reserved


Save the Sharks Toronto, Ontario

Supposed To Be Like That

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Track Name: Pure Serendipity
Sway for a few moments
Linger in the present
Sprint for a new bested time
About the old track
Loud in your ear
Sings a crowd mounting a chorus:
"Each of us nearer the true key"

Loud in your ear
Sings an off-crowd mounting chorus:
"Each of us nearer the next note plays"

Soft as a mum
Sweet as sugar
Pressure amounts
Slow as syrup

Loud in your ear
Sings an off-crowd mounting chorus:
"Each of us nearer the next note plays
On sung from a real good place"
Track Name: Secondary Gain
Coulda been good
Could have been the best
Had you endured
Ever in need
Satiate the greed
Runs deeply still
Well so searching for

I so often feel as though I don't belong
I so often prefer to be on my own
Ever since I met you nothing's quite the same
When I'm not with you
I'm thinking about you

If you were in need
And I had what you sought
I'd give it up
Yea well so what
Coulda been good
Could have been the best
Had you ignored
Lesson learned
Yea sure it's never learned

Coulda been good
Could have been the best
Had you endured
Won't you rest-assured
Ever in need
Satiate the greed
Runs deeply still
Well so searching for
Track Name: Yosemite
Saved ever by the light of your love
Is why I never wanna be too far from
Your love is just getting to be next to
Comforts mind
Searching for the right words
Favouring the better ways to find
Happiness, patience and contentment
Seek better to be
I want to best for you
And for me can't we see right
Nurturing the betterment of
The two of us stepping it up for once
Seek better to be can't we
Track Name: Forever Unenthused
When I get time
Share it with mine
Kin are the wind filling
The fullest sail right
Restless till then
Lonesome again
Whittle chorus
Sharpen verses end

Listen show me that you're present
Knowing as the moment on it moves
Open up don't fret about it
All of us past
All of us now

Full on the second wave of
Zealous drive to what you want
Track Name: Crisis Averted
Seem to get by fine
All fine
Seen quite alright
While inside excited strife
Wise to find a balance
Elusive it may seem now how
A while to find a balance
Elusive it may seem now
'Godspeed, John Glen'
Track Name: Reserved Judgement
I'll find a balance
Searching I am
For one I'll find a balance

Fine, fine, fine all fine

Don't you ever feel the same way
Can you relate
Have not you ever felt so afraid
Frozen in place
Don't you ever feel the same strain
Day after day
Others aversion does not explain
Fact it remains
I cannot hide it another day
Fear is the weight
'Neath which emotions a lack of strength
Have you ever felt this way
I cannot hide it another day
What do you say
Don't you ever feel the same
Track Name: It's Only Getting Better, Persist
Coming down despite the lift
Supposing that's the peak of it
Message to get out of this
Nod instead of arguing without
Seeking to be median I guess
Leaning on presumptuousness less it's
The irony of inner bliss is
Never being sure that it exists
If you're feeling sensitive
Come on show me where it hurts, baby
Fear is in the arguing and
Love is in a silent kiss is bliss
The tiresome pursuit of it
Despite abounding fullness without it
Make out like it's worth the risk
As it were among regrets don't fret
Only evens out again
It shall get better
All in your persistence
Track Name: When Will It Return?
Make it stop
I don't want
To without going now
Gracious frown
Bitter smile
Not my type
After while
All style
Hesitate short supply
Smiling wide
Bright inside
Why so tight
So quick to pry
Come sit by the fire
It's hot it's fine

Listen in talking to my self again
How to find the comfort in listening
Like a friend with no pretensions
Common list wholesome pleasures
Do exist how to find the persistence
Simple shift mindfulness of freed impatience
Imminent to uncover selflessness
Act upon the betterment
Fortunes spread smoother when
Shared with friends
Track Name: Gazes Upwards
(gazes upwards)
Track Name: Archived
I got through
So proud of it

Well far from the top
Accept it through and through
Till not a lot
Seems it should do
Suffices you through
Rough times ahead
Or ever in your stead
Hold out the few
Blessings true
Counted out what you have
Reconcile what you left
Again a scent
Lingers regret
Remember when
So close at hand
So close at hand was
So tender when
We played together, gather

Long not to long for the past
Song to sound louder
Now sings a tune
More true to it