Darn Breaks

by Save the Sharks

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written/recorded in may/june 2014 by thomas helliwell


released July 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Save the Sharks Toronto, Ontario

Supposed To Be Like That

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Track Name: Just words
what is like amoeba
that’s to say immortal
surface, surface
semblance imperfect
pure and formless there

such are my problems
indefinite options
practical feelings
elusive in keeping
up with my friends and
lovers attention
watching my statements
thanking my parents
for all the payments

wonder if I come around
I can find a way
back to when I wasn’t so afraid
lately I’ve not myself owned
up to things I should own up to
Track Name: Weighted
weighted by phones
at the GO sat around by myself
you passed fed up instantly
such distant fire
fails to warm us up
do you want it more
ought to want it more

heightened by the dine time
gold rice fried in the best way
one of many
wanna thank all those eaten delights
my stomach hearts to you

O to be less aware I write
these songs
these melodies lament the limits of my ways

a lot of I know
I don’t know
I know
Track Name: Gimme That Signature
runnin’ right from fear signs
runnin’ by my debts
runnin’ always choose a way from the ending of
foolin’ my self with what I say to me
talk about a phase
grow-up man grow-up
we have all said
look into your heart and see the substance there
so far a song
half dream or prayer
use yet to be had
don’t you know what I mean?
Track Name: Sweatin' questions
give in
only obvious
riding away from your former self
see applies if in
solid form
hang around
so can be done when I home alone

all that sense-non above
all alone attracts enough
sweatin’ questions
and loving sighs