Songs About Limitation

by Save the Sharks

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Recorded in a small space late at night.


released July 5, 2014

TR Helliwell



all rights reserved


Save the Sharks Toronto, Ontario

Supposed To Be Like That

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Track Name: Tastes
So how were the tastes in order
Of want you denied
See what the rival wanted
Moats aren't meant for finding
Reason and intention breed out there

And yet I thought the only lonely place was in the womb
Track Name: Distance
Through my window
I see buildings and
Planes descending
I am listening too
Distant sirens blaring in
Fading out

Neath the pale blue
Half awake now
With my radio
Held up safely
Kept in like the moon
With its perfect limit
Comfort in distance
How I adore its wisdom
Track Name: Comfort
Through my eyelids I can keep away
In my head I can speak seamlessly for hours
Among the fury made so inviting
Yet hardly the right place for me

My older brother set me right when I was younger
He made a face when I spoke 'fore a thought had come to me
And now my silence made so inviting
To contemplate just why I'm speaking
And I thank him for my voice

Just like water in the street I seek the edges
All the best ideas been born out on the fringe
So how'd they do it, no
What am I doing?
I haven't the right state of mind
O I'm trying
Track Name: Pant
Rough was it
Not done enough
How can I recognize these signs
Am I too soft with it
Not hard enough
Powerless, similarly blind
Wasted my time

I don't know why
Track Name: Ours
O to be less aware
I write songs
These melodies lament the limits of my ways

Out there come meet me
I'm not very far
Back through the hourglasses
Ours and ours

Me and you seeing
The best of our ride
How do you reconcile
Those marks in us
Track Name: Excused
I take long enough breaks
Been working on my time and my ways of
How I interact with them all at once
I do not want to be excessfull

In my room with the windows open
The cold air in both my hands rhythm
I speed to be remembered
For the record
I am making it for myself
And anyone else too
Sink their teeth into and listen
Right next to all the sounds they have and will hear
Simply to exist
In someones history
In some capacity

I know that it might seem vain
But I am not excused
Track Name: Goodness Means
For myself and for my friends
I want to do whats right
Though quite a complex question it is
And it never ceases to keep me awake at night

Part of me seeks to believe
That each of us was born
Unique with possibility
Yet subject to the limits of our place in time

To share our inner fears
To know what we can be
To feel the warmth in our collective grief
To share our pride and dreams
To know what goodness means
Track Name: Explorer
Go brother somewhere
You'll cross those borders someday
Old pleasures to explore
I wish I too could know them

I don't know where or when
Someplace I've not been for a couple of years
Why am I here
Why I